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WELCOME! This is a major update/overhaul of this website with increased ease of use and faster operation being key objectives. All navigation thru this website's pages can be controlled via the scrolling mini windows on the left side of the screen. That makes it easy to go from any page in this website to any other page at any time. Just use the scroll feature to find the desired page you are looking for.

To check out a particular series, just click the series desired at the left. - It is that simple.

Some of the updates that are included: series 1981, 1981A and 1993 with mule info, 1988A with the new FW106 front plate error, the 1974 BP905 error and others, plus some links. I hope you enjoy these updates.

Any additional info, corrections, positive or negative comments are welcome. You can email me here: Send Jim email  Thank you, Jim

Thank you for all the help. I have fixed several problems - the above "send Jim email", 1985 LT, more updates to the FW106 and other small issues. I know counters are not working and are last on my list of things to fix - I really don't need them or use them. Jim 1/14/03.

Have finished updating all the 1963 series with group and print ranges. Jim 1/20/03.

Added a new COP page to list Change Over Pairs. Currently 1981 Mule/nonMule is complete. Jim 02/08/03.

Updated prices finally after 2 years. Updated 1963 to show the mules. Jim 2/1/05.

Added 1999, 2001 and 2003 with the few that I have. Jim 11/29/06.

Price Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to provide you an accurate web site. But since we are human, errors may occur. If this happens on pricing, please check the price with me. Example if a note is listed for $100.00 that is current market priced at $10.00, the $10.00 price may be the changed price. Conversely, if a note is listed for $20.00 that is current market priced at $200.00, the $200.00 price may be the changed price. These price changes, due to typos, are strictly determined by FRN-ONES.COM and / or James R Hatch. Thank you.

Stock search Disclaimer: Stock searches are still encouraged for special notes you desire as in the past. We want you to have the specific note you desire if we have it in our vast inventory. But due to this large inventory, stock searches are very time consuming and when requested and items are pulled and listed for you, purchase is expected. We cannot do stock searches for those who have no intention of buying. Since we do not charge extra for this very time consuming service and you usually already know the prices up front, we do expect purchase of those notes. Failure to comply with this fair policy will result in future requests not being for filled unless paid for prior to doing the next stock search. Unfortunately a few have required us to have to state this policy. Thank you, Jim.